Natural Stones Jewelry


Jewelry Made in Italy


Handmade Jewelry


The emotion of shopping through an authentic experience, the pleasure of immersing yourself in the world of jewelry, design and fashion.

An exciting journey into the world of jewelery and natural stones, through creativity and passion

Handcrafted Creations

Each jewel is a little treasure,
a wearable work of art,
a unique piece that represent and expresses the infinite

Who we are

Our Jewelery was founded in 1993 in Reggio Emilia with the name “Pietra di Luna” from the dream of Valeria Battelli. Since 2016 we have registered the “AMetis” brand for our jewelry

Jewels and Hard Stones

In our showcase in Viale Carducci 116 in Cesenatico you can admire enchanting artifacts of classic and modern jewelery created exclusively with the AMetis brand

Bespoke jewelry

The mission of creating culture and sharing regarding the design of Italian jewelery and the wonderful characteristics of the stones is expressed through passion and creativity.

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