Unique Jewels

What makes each of us special and unique is the combination of our characteristics, our details. In AMetis we celebrate the value of diversity and we believe that every human being should be free to express themselves and be themselves, deeply. Our jewels reflect our vision of the world. Each object is designed to be unique and is strictly handmade in Italy.

Made in Italy

Each of our ideas finds expression in the development and creation of unique objects produced in Italy. The concept of “craftsmanship” is the basis of our creations. Every detail is meticulously designed to offer originality and quality. The materials are natural, always carefully chosen in compliance with the fundamental laws of the Earth in which we live. The production is entirely Italian, to ensure a strong link with the Italian DNA and flawless execution. The “Made in Italy” is synonymous all over the world with production quality, appreciated for the elegance of the style and desired for its beauty and originality. AMetis embraces these values ​​and makes them its own, every day.

Goldsmith Art

Goldsmithing is a real art. It is closely related to jewelry, which enhances its beauty and charm through the union of precious metals and gems from all over the world.

AMetis specializes in the art of gold and silver processing, through a unique and exclusive design, together with the selection of natural stones, which the customer can choose from a wide range of proposals.

Bespoke jewelry

When we talk about bespoke jewelery, we talk about embarking on an experience. AMetis makes its professionalism and competence available to the customer to best meet the most disparate (various) needs in order to create a unique object.

If you want a jewel with an exclusive design, do not hesitate to contact us.

Request a quote

Send your idea, we make your dreams come true. Request a detailed quote without obligation for the creation of your Jewel. You will receive an email reply and you will be able to agree all the technical details with an expert who will dedicate himself to you until the delivery of your jewel-masterpiece signed by AMetis Gioielli.

The quote is free and does not bind the purchase.