Jewels are women’s best friends.

A jewel is forever, it is a memory, a gift, a joy, a way of being, an investment. But like all things in life, jewelry also needs care.

In particular:

  • Do not expose the jewel to strong chemicals, ammonia, bleach, chlorine and salt water;
  • Do not wear the jewelry during
    cleaning, bathing, swimming and not exposing him to hair sprays, perfumes and cosmetics;
  • When not worn, place the jewel in a protective box or bag that prevents oxidation;
  • After wearing the jewels, always clean them with a damp cloth to remove traces of sweat and cosmetics;
  • Do not wear jewelry with stones in situations where they would be exposed to rough surfaces or strong impacts;
  • Avoid exposure to intense sources of heat, as sudden changes in temperature can irreversibly damage precious stones;
  • Jewelery with stones should always be stored separately from each other to avoid scratches;
  • Clean with warm water and neutral soap and brush gently;
  • Jewelery must be cleaned regularly;
  • If they have lapis lazuli, corals, pearls, turquoise, emeralds or, in general, an important pavé of stones, their cleaning must be entrusted to professionals;
  • Use ultrasonic cleaning products with caution;
  • Pearls require special attention, as, being organic material, they must be in contact with the air, otherwise they can change their appearance and turn yellow if stored for long periods indoors; therefore it is a good practice to clean them often with a soft cloth and check the wire and the ends of the tube once a year; this advice also applies to Coral, Amber and Turquoise.

We recommend that you have the jewel checked by a professional and have it cleaned at least once a year.